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Our Why is


MPowering Lives International was founded in 2011 and is a multifaceted organization that empowers adults of all ages and young people to live with purpose and fulfill their destinies through seminars, transformational life coaching, mental health awareness and collaboratives, marriage counseling, weekly mentorship programs, biblical education, social gatherings, retreats, and community events. We also reach our community and beyond through our television broadcasts on a national and global scale to bring clarity, biblical training, answers, and solutions to overcome life’s challenges with victory.


MPLI will impact, influence and empower people of all ages including families and children with a message of hope, love, life, and victory encompassing marriage and the family, finances, good physical health and well-being, mental health, mentorship, as well as spiritual growth and development from a biblical perspective that is insightful, educational, attractive and entertaining.


The vision of MPLI is to impact today’s culture & generations for the kingdom of God by reaching across all socio-economic spectrums through seminars, community events, conferences, collaboratives, partnerships, and media programming that is inspirational and uplifting. Our desire is to bring healing to the sick, wounded, rejected and abused, restoration and hope to the broken hearted and those who have experienced loss, devastation and disappointment in life. Our message is one of salvation through Jesus Christ that brings a sense of destiny, mercy & love to everyone.


Hence, the vision of MPLI is to influence and raise up a generation of strong, confident, and empowered people who will impact the world as catalysts of change by effectively utilizing the word of God through their presence and influence in every area, field & industry. MPLI is not a mere religious experience. To the contrary, it is a relationship with Jesus Christ that is alive and moving forward to carry out the mandate and purposes of the kingdom of God globally.

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