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Time: 365 Days of Success & Progress!

According to 3 John 1:2, God desires for you to "prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers."

What that means is that beyond everything that could possibly happen, and beyond all of the issues, challenges, and even frustrations that you and I may face, God's desire is for you to overcome and prosper above and beyond them all; reaching unto the highest dimensions and levels of success.  The qualifying factor is "even as your soul prospers", because you can only experience the measure of success in as much as your mental capacity can embrace and sustain it.  Sustainability is a person's ability to handle, manage or carry what has been produced indefinitely or for a duration and length of time.  How you measure the use and application of time will determine your dimension of sustainability which will correspondingly determine how much and what kind of weight of success you can handle, carry, and manage, thus determining the amount of prosperity you are able to experience.

Before creation there was no time. It was God the Eternal One alone within the portals of eternity when He decided in His infinite wisdom to create a man one who would have the capacity to think creatively, judge, make decisions, have passions and desires just like God Himself.  Thus, Genesis 1:26-28, and Genesis 2:7 occurred.  It says in Gen. 2:7, "and the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul."  It was at this crucial landmark juncture that man entered into the realm called time and began his journey on earth to fulfill God's original plan and intent for this magnificent royal creature who was made in His own image and likeness.

I want to provide a few things for you to consider and think about for a few moments.  God created time, and it is a dimension within eternity operating on the continuum of life and death. Use time to cultivate every gift.  It's humanity's truest currency!

1) Time comes to us in measurable increments
2) Time is a currency
3) Put a value on your time
4) What do you have to show for your time?
5) Invest time like a financial investment - i.e., invest time reading a book, learning, growing, increasing your knowledge and expertise.

The greatest painters, singers, wealthiest people of all invested time wisely.  Show me an empty soul and I'll show you someone who invested time poorly towards self-development and pursuit of their divine purpose.

Spend time praying, reading your Bible, and develop a vision in relationship with other believers so you can make a dent in the world, and the next generation will honor you and speak of you favorably for the generous contribution you made during your life time. 

Consider spending time investing in your wealth.  Retain a financial counselor, and prepare to execute a strategy to get out of bad debt, establish a healthy savings and investments for the future.

Make every moment count.  Time doesn't wait for any man.  Be sure to stick to a schedule. Schedule everything: Family time, leisure time, study time, etc.

Make sure that the dash between your birth date and death date matters, and think about how you spend your dash. There are 365 days in each year. Make sure that each day is spent intentionally and purpose-fully.  Most of all, spend quality time having a conversation with God so that you'll know how to use the rest of it the wisest.  Personally, "I shall declare the works of the Lord as my dash."  How about you?  Optimum Blessings!

Feel free to take a moment and share your comments on our Community Blog topic "Time: 365 Days of Success & Progress".  Share it with your friends.

20 Comments to Time: 365 Days of Success & Progress!:

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Nikki Godbolt on Thursday, May 03, 2012 7:25 PM
When I think about how God desire that we prosper and be in health even as our soul prosper, what comes to my mind is the fact that God's desires for us, is so much better than our desires for ourself! Because He's not just talking about prospering in one area of our lives but He's talking about us prospering in every area of our lives: Body, Soul, and Spirit And for that to happen we must use our time wisely, for our lives are moments captured in time, and we must make every moment count! Thanks Apostle Bethtina, Love ya and Optimum Blessings to you and yours!
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Dr. Bethtina Williams on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 12:42 PM
Hello Nikki, thank you for sharing your feedback and comments on our Community Blog. I am glad that you understood the dialogue and it has helped you.

Marsha Wilson on Saturday, May 05, 2012 11:16 PM
What a great and vast topic. What can I say about time, it can be our worse enemy or our best friend, how we use it will determine which category it ends up in and how we use it also shows how valuable of a commodity it is (or isn't) to us. I love the title "Time: 365 Days of Success & Progress" it speaks volumes because it conveys a productive and positive use of time. Apostle Beth you mentioned sticking to a schedule, I've found that when my day is structured and ordered I get much more accomplished than if I were to just do things on a whim. Spontaneity is fine and it has it's place, but when I am working on having a "prosperous soul" I need to act like I know what I'm doing and utilize the time given me with wisdom and purpose! Thank you & Optimum blessings!!
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Apostle Dr. Bethtina Williams on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 12:45 PM
Hi Marsha, you've truly captured the heart of our message on this month's blog. I believe that as you stay on track, make "Action Plans", and think deliberately you will accomplish all of your goals and fulfill your greatest successes ever. Have a magnificent day!

JD Smith on Sunday, May 06, 2012 2:10 PM
Your dietary intake determines your bodies output where physical activity are concerned. Likewise it is true for the Spiritual and Mental faculties and their activities. The Holy Bible is written by the Greatest and Best Positive Thinker, let alone the most Dynamic Mentor/Life Coach - Father God. He brought the Word to life through His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit continually reveals Their hearts in, thru and to us. I can't remember who it was that said " You'll be the same as you are now,two to three years from now, based on 2 things: A. The Books you read B. The people you associate with. Each bring the wisdom and potential to either help or hurt you. Be sure of the content before you Ingest & Digest. This will determine whether you progress or regress! I Thank God for you Apostle Beth for sharing what you live and walk out as you take in the Wisdom of God!
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Dr. Bethtina Williams on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 12:49 PM
Hello JD, thank you for sharing your comments on our Community Blog. The thoughts you've shared are very insightful. I appreciate the way in which you have emphasized things, and dig beyond what was spoken. Have a successful & joyous journey!

Candice Mimms on Sunday, May 06, 2012 7:38 PM
Time is very important. Everything must have its proper place. It is time that allows us to understand and fulfill purpose. This is why it is imperative that we stay free from getting distracted. Through distraction, we can get off course and waist time. I received a lot from this week’s blog, especially, when the topic of scheduling was discussed. I’ve found that it’s important to schedule everything in order to have a productive balance. With the daily pressures and the daily responsibilities, it can be easy to forget to simply take time out for yourself. By taking time out for yourself, you can explore and activate your purpose through the relationship built with God and the divine relationships provided by God. Thank you Apostle Bethtina for being a faithful servant of God. Optimum Blessings to you Apostle Bethtina!
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Apostle Dr. Bethtina Williams on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 1:00 PM
Hi Candice, you cannot start nor stop time, but you can plan what you will do in time, so that your purposes are executed and fulfill on time. Time is the greatest asset we have in life. It allows us to make decisions, plan events and even determine a desired outcome. Time enables us to either succeed or fail based on how well we manage what we do in it. The choice is ours. Make the most of your time everyday, because destiny & success is not left up to chance. It's a matter of choice! Thank you for your contribution to our Community Blog.

Toiya Moffatt on Monday, May 07, 2012 11:15 PM
Once again Apostle Beth, I must commend you on the vast extent of knowledge and wisdom that you have allowed God to use as a tool through you to produce growth in his people. This is indeed a topic that should be discussed and addressed more often. I truly agree with you that time is our most valuable asset, one that can not be obtained once lost,so we must use it wisely. I have personally found that how we spend our time determines our character. If you spend your time wisely sharpening your gifts and strengths while building yourself up in areas in need of improvement, with God as your focus,you will draw closer to becoming who God has called you to be. On the other hand, if you waste time doing nothing productive the outcome will be a digression in your state of being. Also,just as important as what you spend your time on is,who you spend your time with. With that in focus we should be spending a great deal of our time with God first and then with those who have God's spirit. This is important because we will inherently imitate those we associate with. God bless you Apostle Beth for sharing your "time" with us. Optimum Blessings!
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Apostle Dr. Bethtina Williams on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 1:08 PM
Hello Toiya, Time is an asset if you use it wisely, but if not, time can be your worst enemy. In reality time can neither be friend or foe. We can do ourselves a favor and manage what we do in time to benefit the most out of it, or we can hinder ourselves by poor time management and become our own worst enemy. When we acknowledge God in all of our ways it enables us to move with precision accuracy and achieve our greatest successes. This creates a strong basis for character and integrity to be built upon, because who we say we are and what we do are congruent. Thank you for sharing your comments on our Community Blog. Optimum Blessings!

Allen Wilson on Tuesday, May 08, 2012 1:18 PM
A good measurement of what we do with our time and how we use our time is the result(s) or outcome(s) of what we do with our time or how we use our time. Every so often we should evaluate how much time & energy are we putting into something and is it yielding (or will it yield) the results or outcomes needed. If we are honest with ourselves who live in western/European/American culture, we are easliy distracted by many things causing us to waste time & energy in unproductive activities yielding no fruit. I spent so time in South Korea and had an opportunity to fellowship with our Korean brothers & sisters in Christ. I notice something that I have not seen among European/American culture. I need you to catch the spirit and/or principle of this and think, meditate, and pray about it before you get offended and miss what God is trying to communicate to all of us. I could be wrong and you are welcome to correct me, but what do most church going people do in America after church on Sunday? Eat, shop, &/or watch sports. There is nothing wrong with eating (when necessary), shopping (when necessary) & watching sports (every so often) but it is our attitude/concern about the spoken Word of God we just heard coming from the pulpit. In Korea, on Sunday after church most church going Koreans (which is a higher percentage of the population than Americans who go to church) spend time in smaller groups fellowshipping, eating, talking and praying about the Word that was spoken from the pulpit. It almost like they spend time cultivating the Word and not allowing the Word to be stolen from their minds and heart. This is not about a formula. So no one has to start small groups unless directed by the Holy Spirit and in agreement with spiritual mature leadership. Catch the spirit, prinicple, and attitude! They seem to take the Word of God spoken from the pulpit more seriously than we do in America and you can see real results and/or outcomes in the advancement of the Kingdom of God.
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Apostle Dr. Bethtina Williams on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 1:19 PM
Wow! Allen, thank you for sharing such a wonderful and profound insight with us on the Community Blog. I have to agree with you in your observation about the attitude in which Christians in the west tend to haphazardly respond to the Gospel after receiving the Word of God. I personally came out of a community of faith in which we talked about the Word after services as you described, and we enjoyed it so much. I believe this is way we developed such a strong root system in the Word of God and our faith in God. You've shared a great insight with us. Thank you so much. Optimum Blessings!

Dr. Stanley D. Williams on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 10:02 AM
When the brevity of life becomes a reality to you it makes you consider through necessity the need for time management. When every moment you live becomes important then you will learn to schedule properly. As long as your focus is wrong prioritizing and scheduling always seem to be for others, it has to become personal in order to mean something. Time is one the most powerful commodities we possess, if used correctly it leads to success in life. When time becomes you enemy you have a real enemy, however in the same respect when time is your friend you have a powerful friend. Money is not the only investment tool even though it is a great one, when time is invested wisely it can lead to the acquisition of money, relationships, vision fulfillment and a host of other powerful benefits. Carefully go over the five steps that were given in this powerful blog and you will see major results.
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Apostle Dr. Bethtina Williams on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 4:00 PM
Hello Apostle Dr. Stanley, thank you for sharing the phenomenal insights that you bring to the table in our Community Blog. The thoughts and concepts that you've expressed are heart and center to meaning of utilizing time to our advantage to obtain maximum results financially, in achieving goals and objectives as well as successfully accomplished our vision and purpose for life. Hearing from you is always a joy and adds so much dimension to our conversation. Again, thank you & God bless you.

Travis Mimms on Thursday, May 17, 2012 10:04 AM
How we utilize our time is very important. I agree with you Dr. Beth on how we must schedule everything, first by seeking God’s direction. When a person does not know their destiny that is when they can be deceived and fall into all types of false doctrines. Jesus knew His destiny and His mission for being here in the realm of time, which enabled Him to remain on the foundation of His purpose through adverse situations. He knew the times He was in and was aware of the ideologies of the culture. As long as the earth remains there will be a time to laugh and a time to mourn, a time to reap and a time to sow, etc., my point here is that there is an ongoing cycle of things. It can be said that history repeats itself; therefore we must recognize the times. When Martin Luther King Jr. was here they and the people were focused on the cause. It was a time when the people were serious about what they said and did. These days people seem to be loose and wild with their words and actions. We must ask ourselves, what is the cause today? Yet amongst all of this, we as Christians are being watched. Yes by other people, but there is a spiritual host of wickedness that watches everything we say and do to find a way to lead us astray. They have been given authority to test us. They have strategies and plans in place. When one strategy doesn’t work they try another. It is serious. We must stay close and connected to God’s Word so that we will not be deceived. We must guard our minds! Our enemy knows God’s Words and what God said about us in His Word, but do we…
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Dr. Bethtina Williams on Friday, May 18, 2012 12:58 PM
Travis, I like how you related the fact that we have an adversary who watches us to cause us to be detoured from the track we should be on in life, thus causing us to lose the power of using time to our advantage. This warfare is real and we must be mindful of the fact that we must stay focused on God in order to accomplish everything He ordained for us in time. Thank you for sharing your insights with us on the Community Blog. Optimum Blessings!!!

TraCIE FIELDS on Saturday, May 19, 2012 7:45 PM
Whenever we make an investment we want a good return on that investment. Whenever we invest time wisely we will yield a good return on our investment. By investing time spent with God we gain wisdom and knowledge of God and a stronger relationship with him. When we invest time in our family we strengthen the bond amongst husband wife and children. By investing time in our churches we also will yield a stronger and united body of believers that are able to do the work of the kingdom successfully. Scheduling time is very important so that it is not wasted on things that will get us off track and cause us to lose focus. Lost time and time wasted can not be recovered. Time management sets boundaries for us.
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Apostle Dr. Bethtina Williams on Saturday, May 19, 2012 10:25 PM
Tracie, your comments on our Community Blog are well thought out and commendable. Thank you for sharing these true and very applicable principles with us. Optimum Blessings!

Laquita Harmon on Friday, June 01, 2012 7:18 PM
The prothetic is a conversation with God. Dont be in a hurry trying to prophecy over everybody just because you have that gift, everything is in its season. Writing down and keeping notes is the best way to start out and then after a while go to the head of the house(your church) and let them know what God has been saying to you. Dont be fooled by some so called or self-called prophets trying to speak into your life and their life is messed up and just not in order. Everything should be done decent and in order. Have faith in God and know that God can use you know matter what your past key word(PAST) life was like, He still loves you and can use you believe and trust in Him that He can talk to you. A prophet is not limited to only adults but children also, they have to be nutured along with the adults just starting. Prophets bring hope to the people and its done in love.
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