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Increase You Productivity in 2013!!!

Most of us can honestly say that we want to expand our horizons and increase our productivity, efficiency and ability to yield measurable results every day.  In order to do so there are certain things that must be considered such as reshaping, reprogramming and renewing our paradigm as well as re-evaluating every relationship in light of its ability to contribute to our future.  You see, there are some crucial things that must be ascertained before you can successfully launch further out into deeper realms and dimensions of power and glory, and almost everything you have acquired and established along the way during your journey in life mentally, emotionally, socially, ethically, and professionally has to be reconciled against your greater potential, purpose, and calling.
In the wonderful quest into new territories and activating your greatest potential here are a few tips that will help you to obtain the success that you truly deserve:
     *  Preparation phase:  Here you'll need to re-evaluate, renew,    
         and reshape your thinking and move ahead into the future
         by releasing and ridding yourself of old out-dated thoughts,
         beliefs, and issues that impair your ability to move out of the
         past into a much brighter and promising future. This iniative
         called "change for the better" comes along with the need
         to release those things which are no longer beneficial in
         contributing to your ability to maximize your productivity.
         Things to do: 
         Re-evaluate your core beliefs and thoughts about yourself. 
         Are they doubtful or built in strong confidence and faith that    
         you can do it because God will help and empower you for
         everything He has ordained and purposed for you to accomplish
         and achieve.  Release grudges, old baggage, and issues that
         imprison your soul (mind) and thoughts to the past by forgiving
         others and yourself of offenses and personal failures.  Your future
         is too important to hold onto issues that can't produce good fruit
         in your life and help you move ahead.  Add knowledge of new
         discoveries, revolutionary ideas, cutting-edge technologies, and
         update your mental data base with new information via attending 
         seminars, webinars, classes and utilizing learning tools such as
         Cds, Dvds, reading books, participating in professional support     
         groups designed to share information and ideas that will enhance 
         everything you desire to see happen. You should also surround 
         yourself with individuals who will encourage your faith and inspire
         you; those who bring their professional assets and experience to 
         the table, and stimulate your intellectual prowess. 
     *  Activation phase:  Write down your personal goals with a step by  
         step plan and course of action to achieve them. Writing your plans
         down helps you to stay focused, and avoid being misguided and
         side-tracked by other things.  Whether you are a business owner,
         entrepreneur or whatever occupation you are in, you may find that
         it's quite helpful to gather and add people to your team who
         have the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to assist you
         in moving your enterprises and vision into another dimension and
         realm of increase and productivity. The key ingredient and 
         characteristic that is required of these individuals is that they must
         believe in your vision and be supportive of what you are
         endeavoring to do without hidden agendas.  You mustn't be afraid 
         to make changes concerning those who surround you when it's
         necessary, especially regarding your ability to fulfill the greatest
         calling and purpose of God for your life. The reason why I say this
         is because sometimes fear may tend to enter into your heart and
         challenge you from dealing with changes that are necessary 
         because you don't want to overturn the apple cart, but what
         is important to remember is that you must desire to see God's
         absolute best come to pass and experience His approval above
         that of men understanding that ultimately your reward           
         comes from Him.
     *  Implementation phase:  You must initiate the first move, which is 
         to speak forth those things you are going to do everyday. In doing
         so, you are moving them from the incubation and planning stage
         to the birthing and manifestation stage. It will also encourage
         your faith and expectation for great things to occur as you work
         with your vision and connect the dots in the natural.  Activily
         engage in the pursuit of your goals everyday.  It won't always be
         easy, but you can do it if you persevere, and don't quit. Be willing
         to make adjustments when and where it's necessary.  Avoid
         feeling locked down and bound to a certain mode to the point that
         you hinder progress for the sake of the familiar. Change is
         sometimes the best way to move ahead, and enter into your
         greatest level of productivity. You may need to acquire specific
         kinds of resources as well - finances, equipment, property,
         facilities, etc.  If so, it may be important to work synergistically
         and cohesively with your local bank, and build a good report and
         relationship with them.
     *  Fulfillment & Accomplishment phase:  As you begin to see the
         wonderful manifestation of your dreams and vision come to pass it
         will give you quite a rewarding feeling. Use your accomplishments
         as catalysts to forge' into new territories and endeavors.  Avoid
         getting trapped by your success. The greatest enemy of your
         future success is your last one.  Avoid this pitfall that people
         often find themselves in by continuing to moving ahead.  Use the
         lessons learned from past accomplishments and        
         failures, constructively for the future.
     *  Impartation phase:  Be willing to invest your time, experience and
         wisdom into the lives of others so that they can also benefit and
         grow by what you have accomplished and achieved. When you are
         willing to "share" your knowledge, information and resources with
         others who appreciate it, the rewards from the investment will be
         returned to you with interest.  God is looking for people who He
         can trust with success so that He can increase you with even more
         in order to share it with those who desire to lead productive and
         fulfilling lives themselves.  When you give to others in the name
         of the Lord, not only will men give into your life, but God Himself
         will bless you exceeding and abundantly beyond all that you can
         ask or think.  In the end, you will have established a legacy and
         leave a heritage for the next generation to glean and benefit from
         Your greatest goal in life should be for your labor to be 
         established as a monument that transcends beyond your lifetime
         to be remembered by others and experienced for generations
         to come.
When you dedicate your service to the Lord Jesus Christ and to the betterment of humanity, He will help you to experience the greatest dimensions of success and productivity possible, because you're doing it for His glory, honor and praise.
3 John 1:2, says, "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth."
When you agree within your own heart and mind that God wants for you to prosper, and that His word is the final authority, then you will experience the kind of results that God said you can have. 
I pray that you have been blessed by this month's Community Blog.  Feel free to join in the conversation by sharing your comments & click the "Share" icon to pass this enriching conversation with your friends and family.  Thank you.

15 Comments to Increase You Productivity in 2013!!!:

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Dr. Stanley D. Williams on Friday, August 26, 2011 11:32 AM
First of all I would like to thank Dr. Bethtina for her dedication, focus and consistency in writing this outstanding Blog. I believe with all my heart that people all over the world will benefit from this God given assignment. Productivity is above all the most important thing to the accomplishment of a vision, goal or dream. The word productivity signifies the rate at which something produces, and also represents the corresponding reward associated with the output. God did not create us to be stagnant nor does He give us visions and dreams to remain unaccomplished. The action steps set out by Dr. Bethtina in her insightful comments are not only well thought out but are comprehensive and thoroughly functional. If these steps are followed they will lead to a successful life not only in God but also in the natural realm. A non-productive life is a failed life. My suggestion is that these steps be carefully evaluated and put in to action immediately. Nothing fuels further action like success but nothing hinders the future like a past success. Start now and become very productive in your life.
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Dr Bethtina Williams on Friday, August 26, 2011 12:04 PM
Dr. Stanley, I want to say thank you for your kindness and encouraging words to me. You are also helping to make a huge difference in the Kingdim of God, and I believe the benefits will out last this generation into the next. Thank you for participating in the blog each week. Your comments are always power-packed with wisdom, insight and revelation. God bless you.

Tracie Fields on Sunday, August 28, 2011 9:45 PM
After some debate about whether I should even comment because of my own guilt of sometimes being unproductive, I was convinced that I'm not alone and felt the need to be honest with myself. Productivity requires a vision, a purpose and plan. We must have something that we are working towards otherwise we are just busy wasting time. God requires his people to be productive. Bearing fruit is one way that we are productive. God doesn't expect us to sit idly and expect the kingdom to be increased. The opposite of productive is unproductive and when I looked up synonyms for unproductive I found some of the following words: uncreative, infertile, sterile, unprofitable , futile, fruitlessness and ineffective. None of these words describe what God expects or requires of kingdom citizens. Proverbs 19:15 says Slothfulness casts into a deep sleep and an idle soul shall suffer hunger. In order to increase our productivity we must change our mindsets and ways of thinking to that of a conquerer and achiever and those things are only achievable only if we are productive and working towards a vision and plan. The statement you made about writing down our goals and plans is excellent because it allows us to stay focused and to keep our selves from doing things that will not assist us in reaching our goals. As we look at our plans we change habits that keep us from growing, we change friends and associates who subtract from our purpose and our destiny. Thank you Dr. Beth for this wonderful topic to help us reach our predetermined destiny by maximizing our productivity. God Bless you.
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Dr Bethtina Williams on Monday, August 29, 2011 11:37 AM
Tracie, Thank you for sharing your heart with us on this week's blog. Acknowledgement and honesty is a major key to increased productivity, because we have to identify where we are first in order to move forward towards a particular objective and goal. I enjoyed your comments emphasizing the correlation between the Kingdom of God and productivity. Your explanation of the terms associated with productivity were especially insightful and can be appreciated by everyone. Thank you again for taking time to be a contributing member of our community of foreward thinkers, and Kingdom ambassadors.

Marsha Wilson on Sunday, August 28, 2011 10:22 PM
I believe this topic to be very beneficial to anyone endeavoring to fulfill whatever goals or dreams they are pursuing or planning to pursue. Dr. Bethtina, the steps you have laid out are practical and applicable. It is extremely important that we pay particular attention to the preparation phase and that we do not take old ways of thinking into new territories. Ridding ourselves of what was, that old way of thinking and doing things, and possibly even some stinking thinking, makes room for fresh new ideas which in turn brings about areas for advancement. A renewed mind helps bring about an increase in productivity. God bless you!
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Dr Bethtina Williams on Monday, August 29, 2011 12:46 PM
Marsha, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us on this week's blog. You're absolutely right about the importance of getting rid of old unrenewed mindsets and "stinking thinking" in preparation of moving forward and increasing our productivity. It's simply impossible to put new wine into old wine skins. New ideas and fresh cutting-edge concepts can only be put into and carried out through individuals who are constructive forward thinkers; those who desire to construct something meaningful and lasting in their generation.

Allen Wilson on Wednesday, August 31, 2011 7:05 PM
Thank you so much for mentioning "add knowledge of new discoveries, revolutionary ideas, cutting-edge technologies, and update your mental data base with new information via attending seminars, webinars, classes, utilizing learning tools such as Cds, Dvds, and, reading books, participating in professional support groups designed to share information and ideas that will enhance everything you desire to see happen, and surrounding yourself with individuals who will encourage your faith and inspire you including those who bring their professional assets and experience to the table, and stimulate your intellectual prowess". These are the tools we needs to maximize our potential and productivity. If we don't invest time, energy, and/or money into purchasing these tools, we will fall short of fulfilling our purpose on the earth and advancing the Kingdom of God. These tools give us the ability to unlesh and maximize the potential and productivity to bare fruit.
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Dr Bethtina Williams on Thursday, September 01, 2011 6:14 PM
Allen, I am so glad that you received encouragement and were informed in a meaningful way that can help you in your endeavors. You have done well achieving your Bachelor's degree in Aeronautical Science, and I a very thankful that you have found a place in our ministry that is encouraging and uplifting to you and your family. It's makes me feel good to play a part in your experience and success by the grace of God. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity.

Candice Mimms on Thursday, September 01, 2011 8:58 AM
The tips given to help us obtain the deserved success are remarkable. These tips are necessary ingredients to a recipe for excelling. I saw the importance of the preparation phase. I also realized that this is often a phase in which most people skip in their mission toward achieving success. It’s so important to lay out the foundation in order to create a productive and effective result. Many times we as a people can tend to think we are already qualified and ready to embark on achieving success without even preparing for it. After reading this week’s blog, I realized the importance of pressing forward and leaving non-beneficial things behind me. Without doing this, we can delay our growth and success. It’s essential for us to exchange doubt for belief. Thank you Dr. Beth for your faithfulness in equipping us for victory in every area of our lives.
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Dr Bethtina Williams on Thursday, September 01, 2011 6:26 PM
Candice, you are a powerful woman and have so much potential working within. Every time you share your comments the depth of insight in your heart and mind is revealed. I am extremely impressed by how much you glean from the blog each week, and want to encourage you to set your plans before the Lord that He may establish them, and reach for the starts. You can succeed at achieving God's highest and best for your life. God bless you.

Toiya Moffatt on Wednesday, September 07, 2011 12:46 AM
First, I would like to say well interpreted Candice! I enjoyed the way you extracted the information and your analysis of this week's blog. Even while I was gleaming off of the depth of knowledge and wisdom that Dr.Beth released to us in this particular blog, the concept of "manufacture to product" took on a whole new meaning. As we all may well be familiar with the process by which a product is produced, we may not be as well skilled in identifying how this process also applies to us producing the product or desired result from a vision or set goal . Product, the meaning: result,output, produce:ready for presentation, to bring to view, manufacture: maker, when placed into a formula it simply means that in order to get the expected result or product it must first be produced or brought to view by the manufacturer(maker). This can only happen when there is focus, preparation and finally execution. We have to focus on the goal, make the preparations for it to come to pass and then execute, which as mentioned in several of the responses is the most difficult part. But we must remember that a vision or goal that one has prepared for but has not executed is only a mere plan. Thank You Dr.Beth for your continual effort to ensure that we are equipped to execute the plan that God has for our lives through the wisdom and knowledge that you release in these weekly blogs.

Travis Mimms on Friday, September 02, 2011 5:51 PM
Excellent blog, easy to follow and understand. Each of the phases are important to one's individual success as well as an organization's success. From a business perspective, crafting and executing strategy are the heart and soul of managing an enterprise. The preparation phase is important to structure one's thoughts with aspirations for the future, thus receiving and developing a strategic vision, mission, and values (If you don't know where you are going then any road will take you there). The activation phase is important to implement as it will keep you focused and on track with the vision as well as using it as a yardstick for measuring your progress. This is very important because once you receive the vision, the vision you have determines what you do or don't do and the opportunities you see or don't see. We must write the vision and make it plan. The implementation phase may be the hardest but if we stay ontop of the strategic plan in the activation stage it can be achieved, which leads to the fulfillment and accomplishment stage. It's important to continue setting goals (and be able to change when necessary) even after we accomplish our goals so that we will not become complacent. A good goal is like a tough or strenuous exercise "it makes you stretch." After we have grown and developed into the deeper realms of success, the impartation phase is very important to apply so that the cycle of productivity can continue into other generations...
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Dr Bethtina Williams on Sunday, September 04, 2011 12:49 AM
Travis, your conceptualization is profound, very focused and adept. Thank you for sharing the highlights of what your gleaned and received from this week's blog. I'm sure that it will help you to pursue and fulfill your purpose in every way.

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