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"I thank God for planting my family under Shepherds that are doing the will of God and are truly after the heart of God. Since the first time I started attending their services my life began a major change. There was a purifying process occurring on the inside and everything on the outside was being positively effected. The word destroyed the plans and schemes of the enemy. I've gained so much understanding of how to strategically put a stop to the enemy's plots through the teachings of Apostles, Dr. Stanley and Dr. Bethtina Williams."  ~Candice Mimms

"I just want to thank God for all He has done, and all He continues to do for me. Recently I mailed out a payment and I noticed after two weeks my check had not cleared. Then I called the company to see what was going on.  I spoke to a representative and he informed me that all the debts for that company had been transferred and the company had closed due to some discrepancies. I continued to press the issue as to what was the purpose of the debt since I wasn't familiar with the company or the so called services that I had received. Since the service representative could not answer any of my questions he simply apologized and proceeded to call the credit agencies and have the debt removed. Well, I was so encouraged by what God had done for me in canceling this particular debt. I began to call and inquire about other debts, and to my surprise there were two other debts that were canceled as well. All together the debt totaled $1233.00. I just thank God for moving on my behalf. I simply received the spoken word “debt cancellation” prophesied through the ministry of Apostles Dr. Stanley & Dr. Bethtina Williams. Thank you Lord!"  ~Latresa Lawson

"I went on a 7 day fast and was praying for my family to be saved.  I want to praise God that my cousin and his wife were both saved a few days later after God gave them both the same dream."  ~Nikki Godbolt

"I praise God for everything being ordered by Him in my family.  I went on the 21 day fast with Apostle Bethtina and my church, and through research, prayer and fasting I was completely healed physically."  ~Letresa Lawson

"I praise and thank God daily for my pastors, Apostles Stanley and Bethtina Williams.        I thank God for working in my life and turning every situation around in my life. I was delivered from being as a child of shame in my family. Now my relationships are so much better than before. God delivered and blessed my son to make the honor roll after having a very difficult year last year.  God is blessing my marriage in a special way. I really thank God for healing my body, because I went to the doctor and he told me that I was full of tumors, my uterus was 40% larger than it should have been, and I was scheduled for surgery.  When my blood work came back it said that my liver wasn't working, my blood pressure was way up, and my blood sugar was through the roof.  I was worried that I was dying, and what I would do about my kids.  Then I got angry, went home and started pulling down strongholds in my life.  I declared that I would not die.  I also went to my pastors Apostles Stanley and Bethtina Williams, and they agreed in prayer with me. When I went back to the doctor he did another ultrasound and looked puzzled at the results, and told me that nothing was there, and that everything was normal.  I went to my primary doctor and he checked my blood again.  All of my blood tests came back normal. I praise God for all He's done for me and my family!  ~Katrina Madden

"I have been praying for my family for years, that God would heal them from hurt, pain and resentment.  This year so many are coming to me wanting to know more about God. My father has a joy in his spirit that I haven't seen in years. He commended me for staying faithful to the Lord, and He has also been listening to Morning Glory Prayer with Apostle Bethtina on Tuesday mornings, and shared what a blessing it has been to him.  ~T. Moffatt

"When I came I was broken. I got planted as Apostle Stanley spoke and focused on improving myself by 1 percent everyday as Apostle Bethtina instructed me to do. I thank God for my pastors and for my church family. Now, when I face any problems God gets the glory!  Jesus shed His red blood for my black sins, and washed me white as snow!"
~Jermaine Williams

" I thank God for protecting my mommy from a 500 pound bear that was in our yard when she came home the other day."  ~K. Madden

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