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Apostles, Dr. Stanley & Dr. Bethtina Williams, are sought after Global Leaders, Speakers, Published Authors, Radio Hosts, and Professionally Certified Empowerment Specialist. They are nationally and internationally recognized in both sacred and secular arenas for their global vision to impact change for the better in their local community and throughout the world.

As servants of God and empowerment specialist, Apostles Dr. Stanley & Dr. Bethtina Williams will lead you through the corridors of success into greater dimensions of victory and triumph. They have worked around the world helping men and from all backgrounds and socioeconomic threads to experience the of God, come into the fulfillment of their purpose and experience major breakthroughs in their lives.  Be encouraged to invite Chief Apostle, Dr. Stanley & Apostle, Dr. Bethtina Williams to speak at your conference, men or women's retreat, seminar or event.  They have almost 60 years of combined experience in ministry, which will provide an enormous benefit to your church, organization or special gathering. Click the drop down menu to see biographies.